Fashion Chat: Meet Fashionista Jhourdan Jeneve

Hailing from NYC comes a stylist, designer and creative genius determined to make her mark on the world. Jhourdan Jeneve prides herself in inspiring others through empowering blog posts and female empowerment events. Check out her fashion questionnaire below:

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Clothing store: Thrift shops ! I love all of them lol.

Favorite Designer: Myself because I always create things I never see but love. I love fashion and almost every designer. I can’t choose one.

Favorite Shoe: This is hard because I love any shoe that makes my outfit pop.

Fashion Trend You Loved (can be past or present): I love love love Fur! Faux or real. Add it to any outfit and it just makes your outfit more luxurious.

BIG Fashion DON'T: Wearing anything that doesn’t look good on your body type!

Make-up Item You Can't Live Without: Concealer

Favorite Accessory You Own: I love dainty chains, especially my nycitgirls name chain. Omg and sunglasses! Everybody knows I wear sunglasses 24/7 ! I have over 50 pairs.

Celebrity's Style You Admire: Kim Kardashian

Who Is A Fashion Icon In Your Eyes: Liberace! He was gaudy, over the top, he was true to himself and he was lavish. He was also very talented and iconic.

Store Thats Gives You The Best For Less: Well at this moment Fashionova. Aside from them there are so many talented women are opening up boutiques that sell some really cute stuff for less.

What Makes Your Style Original? I dress according to my mood. Some days I’m a Tom Boy , some days I’m girly , other days I’m a little gothic. My style changes on the vibe of that day, season and Mood. Whatever my vibe is for that day is how I dress. I’m super versatile and I have a vision for a lot of different genres in fashion. I also wear what I want when I want. No matter where I’m going , you can catch me getting Starbucks in a full length mink with nikes on just grabbing coffee. Oh and over size shades! I just do my own thing. Idc if I’m in the Hood or at the ritz , I do me.

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