#FashionChat - Meet Fashionista, Rudie Della

Hailing from Harlem, NY comes Rudie Della known to the world as Rue. The University at Albany grad recognized her passion for fashion a year after graduating in 2017. Overcoming her doubt, a year later she launched her blog page @RagsByRueee which currently has over 13k followers. Aside from fashion, Rue spends her weekdays from 9-5 working as a social worker. Although she has a 9-5, she never forgets to focus on her passion dedicating every moment after clock out to her brand. On social media you run into a lot of talk that it's necessary to quit your job before working on your passion. Rue is a walking testimony that girls with 9-5's can invest in their dreams successfully as well. Check out her fashion questionnaire below:

Zodiac Sign: Taurus The Bull

Favorite Clothing Store: My current favorite clothing store is Zara and Urban Outfitters.

Favorite Designer: Picking a favorite designer is hard! There are big name brands that I enjoy as well as up and coming designers that are killing it! So I want to give one of each. My favorite shoe designer currently is JenniferLe, she's up and coming but her styles are dope and very authentic. Big shoe designers would have to go to Balenciaga, from their sneakers to their kitten heels, I honestly don't know how to breath. Clothing designers, I'd have to say Off-white and Grayscale. Grayscale is an up and coming designer that enjoy watching.

Favorite Shoe: I personally like platform shoes although I don't wear them, also mules style shoes are super cute. The kitten heel has also grown on me for some strange reason.

Fashion Trend You Loved (Past or Present): I honestly love the suit trend! There are so many different types of suits that you can dress up or down, you cannot go wrong.

BIG Fashion DON'T: Don't be a copy cat!! Being authentic is the best possible thing you can do for your own individual style. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other creatives however always make sure to make it your very own.

Make-up Item You Can't Live Without: My Fenty Lipgloss!! I'd literally die from dry lips.

Favorite Accessory You Own: All of my @BylolitaJewlery, chains and rings!

Celebrity's Style You Admire: Aside from Rihanna because that's a go to, I love Teyana Taylor. I feel like she is the epitome of a Harlem girls style. Being able to switch it up from girly to tomboy like that is so beautiful.

Who Is A Fashion Icon, In Your Eyes: There's so many! But Fran Drescher from The Nanny is the first one that came to mind!

Store That Gives You The Best For Less: For me personally, My go to is Zara; Especially when I don't have anytime to order anything online. I also like a few online boutiques like Boohoo (They ALWAYS have a sale)

What Makes Your Style Original? I always hate these kinds of questions lol I believe what makes my style original is because I've had to learn how to make something out of nothing. Not being able to keep up with trends as much as I'd want to and having to learn what works for my body definitely plays apart in how I get dressed.

If you had to choose between true love and reaching your full potential in your career, what would you choose?

Love will not pay me. I have all the love and support I need from my family and friends, thankfully. I feel like looking for love is a distraction right now anyway. Plus there is always going to be men/women around, so there's no real reason to chase that. These opportunities don't come around as often and I need to be focused on the business that pays me.

If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone, dead or alive; who would it be and why?

Nipsey Hussle or his mother. Now had he not passed away recently I wouldn't of said that and I'm being very honest. However, after his passing and seeing the amount of love that was shown for him due to all the wonderful things he had put in place for his community and loved ones was truly touching. Hearing his mother speak at his funeral was also a very emotional experience. Listening to how spiritually connected and accepting they were over his death was ... different. I would love to be able to connect and tap into that inner spirituality.

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