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Domonique Washington is a freelance wardrobe stylist and the CEO of fashion boutique, Style 1 Of 1. The boutique specializes in unique children clothing, guaranteed to make any child feel grand. She is also on the road to becoming a Criminal defense attorney.

Check out her Fashionista questionnaire below:

Zodiac Sign - Aries

What Made You Want To Launch A Children's Boutique? It’s funny, growing up I’ve always admired children’s clothing. As time grew I knew I wanted to be a fashion stylist but I wanted to be different and stand out of the crowd . I’ve always dressed different my whole life , so I knew I wanted to create and birth a new life of style.

 Favorite Clothing Store - My favorite clothing store is Dollskill, ASOS, Zara etc . I have so many more but each one of these clothing stores signifies my wardrobe.

Favorite Designer - My favorite designers would have to be my upcoming small black owned clothing brands. If your from Harlem, NY. You know who you are! My cousin Aisha is my creative designer and much more . She keeps my inspiration going , even with all my challenging wardrobe ideas. 

Favorite Shoe - My favorite shoe designer would have to be Jeremy scott. His creative designs keep my foot on my own neck looking good.

Favorite Fashion Trend; Can Be Past Or Present - My favorite fashion trend from the past and it will prevail to the future: it would most certainly have to be the BIG, Bold & Oversize Blazer Look. I want to remain a classic , so any vintage look will be my go to.


Make-Up Item You Can't Live Without - I am a natural soul sister . I would have to say that my eyelashes and lip gloss; is my live-without items for a natural Face Look.

Favorite Accessory - Mini bags are my favorite accessory

Celebrity's  Style You Admire - RIHANNA, Teyana Taylor & Blake lively would have to be my top Celebrites; whose styles I admire.

Who is A Fashion Icon Is Your Eyes? Rihanna

What Store Gives You The Best For Less? Zara has all the sneaky deals and items that a lot of luxurious stores have that is best for LESS !

What Makes Your Style Original?  Having your own ICONIC SIGNATURE MAKES YOUR STYLE . I knew I wanted  to be aspirational & inspire others before I expire.

If you had to choose between true love and reaching your full potential in your career, what would you choose? I will always want reach to be the best that I could ever imagine to be! You have to love yourself first before you can give the same love to others.

If you could sit down and have a conversation with someone for an hour, who would it be? I want to have a conversation with Michelle Obama because she is my career ideal women . She attended law school and has become such an icon in so many women’s lives . She broke down the barrier of being a women & being black in the 21st century.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself owning stocks,bonds,owning a youth center, becoming a lawyer/writer and becoming a model for the girls coming up behind me.

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