Grey Is The New Pink: The Indictment

đź’­ MOOD: Evolved

🎧 Song: Street Affection - Lil Durk

Alright so, I’m going to start from the beginning.... July 22, 2015 was a very weird day. I remember sitting on the porch reading my bible and watching my kids, nieces and nephews playing in the driveway. I walked inside to check my phone on the charger and noticed I had a voicemail from my boyfriend’s probation officer which said “Yo Jay, come in for drug test”. At this time, my boyfriend who is also the father of my kids was home after a 9 month bid from another case. I immediately went to wake him up and when I did, he also had a voicemail from his probation officer. He then got a call from his brother who said his probation officer had called him as well. I knew he hadn’t been smoking so I suggested taking him down to the probation office. Although he hadn’t smoked marijuana, we all know touching heroin can get in your system. He then advised me to go purchase him a flush from his father’s store. Before I came home, I stopped at Walmart. As I drove down 940, I noticed there were Pocono regional police and state troopers everywhere. I’m like “what the hell is going on in the Poconos?”. When I arrived home, everyone started saying they were hungry. My boyfriend then advised me to go and pick up Chinese food while he took the flush. Before I headed to the Chinese restaurant, I stopped for gas. While at the gas station, I made eye contact with a police officer. I was looking at him like “what the hell are you looking at?”. Come to think about it, I know exactly what he was looking at. When I got home, I told the kids to come inside from the backyard to eat. They all ran toward the front of the house as the door was bum rushed by the United States Marshalls. They had their guns out as they yelled for everyone to get on the ground. My immediate reaction was to run upstairs and warn my boyfriend but there were too many officers. The kids were screaming, my sisters were frantic and I was in shock. They asked “Who Is Kyme?”. I stepped forward and they revealed they had a warrant for my arrest as well. I put my hands behind my back, they told me I was under arrest but it still didn’t hit me. I told myself that it was going to be okay, I was good. They went upstairs and questioned my boyfriend before taking us both to county. I prayed all night to be released home to my children because the last thing they seen were their parents being arrested. The next morning in court, reality really hit me. I was apart of an 11 person indictment that included my boyfriend, brother in law and father in law. I couldn’t believe that I may be going to prison. When my name was called they said they weren’t too interested in keeping me. I was later released. When I arrived home, I was embarrassed. The story had made Pocono Record headlines. Everyone knew what had happened. If you’ve ever been to the Mt. Pocono area, you know it is very small. If you’re a somebody, everybody knows your business. I was suppose to begin working at my old job that week. When I called them, they informed they had seen the news and there was no way I would be returning to work. I was in disbelief but I held it down. Although, I was free; my boyfriend , his father and brother were not. Families were falling apart and peoples true colors were showing. Overall,I had to formulate a plot to stay solid even though it felt like my world was crumbling down. My boyfriend wasn’t always perfect so a lot of people told me that I should leave him given the circumstances. He wasn’t the best but he was always a provider. I never once suggested changing our lives. I’m not the type of girl to be around when the money is coming in but fold when the pressure is on. My boyfriend kept the bills paid and our family fly, I couldn’t turn my back on him now. I told myself I was going to ride it out through prayer and remaining optimistic. If you’ve ever dated someone in jail, I’m sure you can hear yourself saying “I love him, I got this, I’m going to hold it down, when he comes home, we will be together”. Sometimes we’re involved in situations we shouldn’t be and we just think “God is going to fix this”. And although, God is always an awesome one. God is a jealous God who disciplines his loved ones. No matter what you do in this world, good or bad; there is always consequences. I’ve always had a great relationship with God so when I reflected on the situation, I knew I was going to prison. At the time, I just wasn’t ready to accept it.