king yk and young dell link for #KSGS PROJECT

Harlem natives King YK and Young Dell are determined to make their mark in the industry. The two linked up for a joint project entitled #KSGs, which has definitely been in my rotation since it's release on the 13th. I had the pleasure of chatting with the duo about the projec

LMCC - What was life like for you guys growing up?

KingYK : I started doing music since 9 years old. So growing up was basically me trying to manifest this dream of mine into reality. From me being in situations with Micheal Bivins of New Edition to being around & connected to a few Harlem greats as far as artist goes through relationships of my father. All around just being attached to “that life” had me chasing that ever since.

Young Dell - Growing up I just wanted to be a kid and have fun, LIFE really ain’t hit me until I was About 13/14. That's when I started to really see the world unfold around me and knew what was really going on.

LMCC - Who were your musical influences growing up?

King YK - I looked up to people like Jay Z, 50 cent & even Fabolous. I've always got compared to Fab flow wise.

Young Dell - G-Unit, Lil Wayne, Dipset, and a lot of RNB artist, like throwback 90s early 2000 artist.

LMCC - What made you guys want to get into music?

King YK - Well when I was younger my pops had a group/street team he was involved with named M.E.N. During the time they were up there with dipset if you will...they even had a basketball tournament together which shows how close they were. Nonetheless tho, he used to always have me around during video shoots & studio sessions which was the main reason I fell in love with the atmosphere & feeling. I picked up a my first black and white notebook and the rest was history!

Young Dell - Music always been apart of my life. I've always been a huge music fan. My dad was an inspiring rapper back in his day, I was published in books for poetry walked around rapping/singing songs like I wrote em.. and then one day my man BT(BornTalented) talked me into putting a verse on one of his songs and from there the rest was history.

LMCC - Who do you consider the Top 5 rappers of all time?

King YK - Jay Z ,Tupac, Biggie, 50 Cent & Meek Mill.

Young Dell - Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z , Lil Wayne & J cole.

LMCC- Who do you guys listen to on a regular basis?

King YK - Besides myself , Dell & BT (Borntalented), I listen to everybody. I’m a young nigga with a old soul so I tap in to the greats a lot but I also like all of the new wave shit that’s out right now. Some for melodies some for flow some for beat but I don’t really have a set slew of artist I listen to besides my team.

Young Dell - Me and My Homies.. Also, a lot of Meek and G herbo.

LMCC - If you had to choose between true love and your career being exactly where you wanted it to be, What would you choose?

King YK - I would choose career. I feel like in hindsight that is my true love have my career exactly where I want it to be.

Young Dell - I’ll have to go with my career being at it’s highest point, Love will always find you.. especially when you on.

LMCC - If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

King YK - My mother who passed away late last year.

Young Dell - My late grandma, who passed when I was around 6/7 just so she can see how much I’ve grown and accomplished. I’m sure she’d be very proud.

LMCC - What was the inspiration behind the project?

King YK & Young Dell - To be honest, the title of the tape is apart of a slogan that I say in most of my songs. “King Shit Gang Shit still The Same Shit ain’t Change shit but the number of the chains Bitch”. So Dell and I were just cooking up continuously and by like the 3rd session we had together we was just like “Yo we should put out a tape just to serve as a little appetizer”. Cause’ we both had a project set to drop near end of the year but we both hadn’t put out any music since we dropped our projects earlier this year. So we just wanted to give the streets and the people something to look forward to.

LMCC- How long did it take to finish the project?

King YK & Young Dell - We recorded for the course of about a month and a half.

LMCC - What type of feedback have you gotten from the project?

King YK & Young Dell - So far so good. The streets f*cking with us (lol) but I think the actual real feedback .

.the in awe feed back will be when we start dropping the visuals off the tape to bring the songs to life.

LMCC - Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

King YK - I see myself being a successful CEO of Royalty Entertainment. Having dell be on top & probably forming to be his own CEO by then. Also getting into film & tv because I always been into acting & writing scripts when I was younger too.

Young Dell - #1 on billboard with my N*gga KingYk and the rest of My GGTG FAMILY.