meet fashion guru, sylvester bennett

Sylvester Bennett is a Bronx native who decided to go against the odds and use his love for fashion as an opportunity to learn how to sew and create a brand. Handmade By Bennett is a collection of elegant streetwear handmade to order by Bennett himself.

Zodiac Sign - I'm a Gemini (a may Gemini to be exact lol).

Favorite Clothing Store - Atelier NYC.

Favorite Fashion Designer - Carol Christian Poell.

Favorite Shoe - 07-08 Bernard Wilhelm Og American flag strapped trainers.

Fashion Trend You Loved - Mauri gator toe era.

BIG Fashion Don't - Fake high clothing!!

Favorite Accessory You Own- I don't have any favorite when it comes to my accessories I go off my mood.

Celebrity Style You Admire - Pharrell William's he gave me a way of life lol. More less being a fan of him helped Broading my fashion sense.

Who Is A Fashion Icon In Your Eyes? - I don't wan't to give the same answer twice (Pharrell) but Kanye West he has a major impact on the fashion world from his personal style to his designing now in present day.

Clothing Store That Gives You The Best For Less - I guess Zara they're pretty well rounded. You can find pretty much anything there from suits to sneakers.

What Makes Your Style Original? - I consider my style original because I pride my self on not having a standard look. One day I make look one way but the next day something totally different but you'll know its Me.

What Inspires You When Creating Designs? - My inspiration comes from my life experiences and things that peak my interest throughout my journey.

If You Could Collaborate With Any Designer, Who Would It Be? - Carol Christian Poell

What Are Your Brand Goals? - To have my own private atelier which will be appointment based.

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