Meet #Fashionista, Hollywood Des

Hollywood Des is a fashionista, socialite and restaraunt manager with aspirations of opening her own catering company. Check out her fashion questionnaire below:

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, the best sign

Favorite Clothing store: I’m really an online shopper shopping. Shopping in person makes me hot and anxious.

Favorite Designer: Honestly that’s so hard to answer but Virgil is doing his thing. I love off white and all his collabs.

Favorite Shoe: You can never go wrong with a Louboutin it’s classic but Amina Muaddi is a up and coming shoe designer I’ve been watching.

Fashion Trend You Loved That Most People Hated: I think a lot of people hated the triple s Balenciagas when they first came out. Everyone just felt they were structured so big but I loved them from the jump and I think people still hate them but they just wear them because they're followers.

Fashion Trend You Hate That Most People Love: I hate the homeless look. I also hate “inspired” clothing, it’s just a better way to say knock off HATE IT!

BIG Fashion DON'T: Wearing a bunch of different monograms at once. I don't mind different designers at once but not all monograms.

Make-up Item You Can't Live Without: Brow dip!!!!!! Brows gotta be right at all times

Favorite Accessory You Own: All my handbags it’s no way I’m choosing, that’s like choosing your favorite kid.

Celebrity's Style You Admire: Rihanna is queen of STYLE PERIOD but I also like @okaykarlae she keeps its sexy but fly that’s kind of my style.

Who Is A Fashion Icon, In Your Eyes: Karl Lagerfeld dnt even play with him !

Store That Gives You The Best For Less: well online ssense always has a good sale going on for the designers I’m into

What Makes Your Style Original? I literally wear whatever I personally like idc what anyone else is saying is hot.

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