Chit-Chat's New Fav Drill Artist Ciggy Blacc

Flatbush's Ciggy Blacc is probably one of my favorite drill artist that recently appeared on my radar. If you follow me, you know I enjoy drill but I still need bars if you ever want me to listen the song again. He recently released a project entitled "The Chosen One" followed up by a deluxe version. The original version had no features and was a still vibe. The deluxe version was only featured by one artist by the name of LR. Yet, he currently averages 169,187 monthly listeners on Spotify. Unfortunately, I don't hear his name in many conversations when speaking on talented Drill rappers from New York. I'm personally going to take it upon myself to bring him up in more conversations and I think everyone else should as well. Check out his latest video "Butterfly" below: