Meet One Of New York's Hardest Female Rappers, Sky Banks

Brooklyn's Sky Banks appeared on my radar in 2020 when she dropped "Good Luck' with Jay Critch. Since then, I've done my research and became fully tapped with her and her music. In 2019, Sky Banks competed in Netflix's "Rhythm and Flow" with Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper. Although, she wasn't a finalist; she used what she learned and continued to perfect her pen. Sky released a cover to A-Boogie's "D.T.B" which is a female favorite. On the song, Sky tackles situations we all can relate to; like absent fathers and incarcerated loved ones. In an era where it seems like no one has any feelings, it's soothing to hear vulnerability on a song. Now, don't get it twisted Sky doesn't stay in her feelings. On singles like "Breaking The Rules" and "Get Around", you can see why people are calling her the "Queen Of Drill". Last week, Sky Banks released a freestyle to Lil Durk's "Hellcats & Trackhawks". If Durk was smart, he would pick her up for the remix. Watch below: