mizhani pole fitness january jams playlist

Mizhani Pole Fitness is an international pole fitness workshop changing the face of fitness. The tour was launched in 2013 by retired Queen of King Of Diamonds, Tiara Walton who is destined to find her place in the pole fitness community. Over the past 6 years, Mizhani Pole fitness has changed the lives of women all around the world, traveling to the UK, the Bahamas, and Jamaica. Visiting over 50 pole studios. Mizhani pole fitness is an experience, living up to the company’s slogan "THE DIFFERENCE IS THE EXPERIENCE".

The ultimate mission of the pole fitness experience is to encourage women everywhere to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Regardless of age or size, all pole fitness attendees leave the class feeling more confident and fearless than ever.

Listen to Mizhani Pole Fitness January Jams 2020 Playlist below:

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