#PrettyBoss - Meet Dess Dior

Dess Dior is a serial entrepreneur. The St. Louis native prides herself on hard-work, dedication, authenticity and having multiple streams of income. Although, St. Louis bred Dess was raised in the small town of Savannah, GA where she was not only raised but molded into the young woman she is today. Dess Dior will only go up from here.

LilMissChitChat - Who is Dess Dior? How would people close to you describe you?

Dess Dior - People close to me would call me loyal, bratty & an amazing friend. 

LilMissChitChat - What are some of your major accomplishments?

Dess Dior - I’ve performed in at least 4 different states and modeled for at least 15 different brands. 

LilMissChitChat- How do you feel about female entrepreneurs? What other #PrettyBosses inspire you?

Dess Dior - I support female entrepreneurs to the fullest! One that inspires me is Ming Lee! 

LilMissChitChat - How did you get into rapping, At one point did you know you wanted to make it a career?

Dess Dior - I’ve been rapping since I was 12, I knew I wanted it to make it my career when I seen how my music impacted other people.

LilMissChitChat - What artists would you like to collaborate with?

Dess Dior - Nicki Minaj, Mulatto and Lil Baby.

LilMissChitChat - What made you launch your youtube channel?

Dess Dior - People wanting to get to know me better.

LilMissChitChat - What do you think sets you aside from other female entertainers and influencers?

Dess Dior - I feel like my personality sets me aside, I don’t try to fit in. I’m humble & in a room with anyone I still be myself, I’m authentic 

LilMissChitChat - What advice would you give to your younger self?

Dess Dior - To stay focused on the goal & never get discouraged no matter what anyone says.

LilMissChitChat - What advice would you give to someone looking to brand herself but a little skeptical?

Dess Dior - My advice would be to ask god to show you your purpose & believe in yourself so you can fulfill just that. 

LilMissChitChat - If you could have an hour long conversation with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Dess Dior - Beyoncé, I feel like I could learn so much from her journey to success. 

LilMissChitChat- If you had to be stuck in quarantine with three people, who would they be?

Dess Dior - My mom, best friend & Beyoncé 

LilMissChitChat - If you had to choose between true love and your career being exactly where you wanted it to be, what would you choose?

Dess Dior - My career

LilMissChitChat - Where do you see yourself in five years?

Dess Dior - In 5 years I see my career moving to the next level, I’ll be more established with everything in my life. 

LilMissChitChat - What can we expect from you, up and coming?

Dess Dior - Expect more music from me, more content & getting to know DessDior!

Watch "Talk To Me" Below: