#PrettyBoss, Meet Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost is a communications major at Old Dominion University and a self made nail techinician. The 20 year old has done nails for people like Black Ink Crew's Donna Lombardi, Famous comedian Jess Hilarious, and recently G Herbo signed artist Pretty Savage. Diamond has a great head on her shoulders at such a young age and will only go up from here.

LilMissChitChat - How would people close to you describe you? DFrost - People close to me would describe me as genuine, chill, optimistic, creative, and motivational.  LilMissChitChat - Where are you from, what was it like growing up in your city? DFrost - I am from Chesapeake, Va. Growing up was pretty normal where I was from. Although surrounded by rougher areas, overall where I grew up was pretty good. 

LilMissChitChat - How do you feel about other female entrepreneurs? DFrost - I love female entrepreneurs. They are the underdogs of any industry and have to work harder than anyone else especially if they are of color. 

LilMissChitChat - When do you start doing nails? What made you want to pursue this career? DFrost - What started as a hobby while working as a nail salon receptionist ultimately turned into a career. I have been doing nails for a year and a half. I started doing nails in July in 2018 out of my old dorm in College.

LilMissChitChat - What nails techs do you consider an inspiration? DFrost - @Krylx, @cocamichelle, @monanailedit, @chaun_legend, @jhohannails

LilMissChitChat -What do you think sets you aside from other nail techs? DFrost - My drive, my personality and my style. 

LilMissChitChat - What advice would you give to a girl looking to start a business but a little discouraged? DFrost - If you’re going to do something, don’t mess around with it. Do it and do it all the way. Prepare yourself for success and do your research. Dreams won’t come into fruition by letting them rot because of doubt. 

LilMissChitChat - If you could have an hour long conversation with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? DFrost - I would love to have a conversation with Pharrell. Coming from the same town, I could talk with him about so many ideas on how to change our community and how I can be an advocate for the youth. I would also love to hear about how he taps into his creativity and runs with it. 

LilMissChitChat - If you choose between true love and your career being exactly where you wanted it to be, what would you choose? DFrost - Being realistic, I would choose for my career to be where I wanted it to be. This is because I would be top tier and barely doing physical work. I can then take time to let my true love come to me God willing. 

LilMissChitChat - Where do you see yourself in five years? DFrost - I see myself being the top nail school and education program in virginia. Making history. Touring, working with major companies, artists, and my press on line booming. I would like to have a nice house and property by then as well. 

LilMissChitChat - What can we expect from you up and coming? DFrost - One word. Greatness.  Be Be Sure To Follow @NailsbyDime___