#PrettyBoss - Meet Ivy Paniagua

#PRETTYBOSS - A female who is confident and ambitious...

LMCC - Who Is Ivy? How would people close to you describe you?

IVY - Ivy is a Jane of all trades when it comes to being a creative. I’ve done it all and if it’s something I haven’t done, I plan to do so. The people closest to me would describe me as some who is a free spirit, determined, hilarious and a straight up vibe. I bring joy to everyone around me when I’m not being moody.

LMCC - What is your title in the business?

IVY - I am still trying to figure that out, I’m a marketing coordinator for EMVE Management Group Monday through Friday. I literally wear so many hats that it made me create Ivy&Co, the creative agency. So many people ask me “ivy what exactly do you do?” and the only answer I truly have is, everything.

LMCC - What was life like for you growing up? If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would it be?

IVY - I can truly say I was different from the rest growing up. I wasn’t a follower, being that I wasn’t a follower that didn’t make me the most popular. I grew up with a mom that encouraged me to take a shot at anything I liked. I took dance lessons, ice skating lessons, my mom even bought me tons of art supplies when I thought I could draw. Looking back I sucked at all of those things but she still allowed me to explore. Ironically, she sheltered me from a lot of music. I don’t think I was allowed to listen to music with sexual context or even curses until Highschool freely. I had to sneak to listen to so many things. Thank God she wasn’t tech savvy so I was able to put a lot of things on my iPod without her knowledge. If I can tell my younger self anything, I would tell her to continue trusting your gut and apply yourself even in the things that don’t interest you.

LMCC - How do you feel about the rise of female entrepreneurs?

IVY - I have a love and hate relationship with the rise of entrepreneurs honestly. I feel like it’s trendy to have your own business, however people don’t understand the work and dedication it takes to make a business soar. When I started Ivy&Co I had no idea what I was doing. Oh my lord, I just knew I had some skills to get paid for anything I wanted to do. First 3 months business was booming but then then it slowed down and I was like okay what’s next. I have bills, I have a life to maintain. I was failing after 3 months. I had to humble myself and go learn from those who are doing everything I wanted to do. It was never about being popular, it’s still not. I want to make a difference, I want to help create all things that I loved growing up. I feel like it’s cool to start a business and I’m proud of the women who’s doing it but only when they are doing it for the right reasons. I hope that makes sense.

LMCC - What females in Hip Hop do you consider an inspiration?

IVY - Of course, the Karen Civils, the Amber Grimes, even my mentor Marilyn Van Alstyne. Most importantly my peers, I think it’s important to build across, I am inspired by your (ChitChat), Abby B, Trophy Life, Quanna MC, it’s so many to name. The women in my personal network is amazing. I know that we will be an unstoppable force, we already are.

LMCC - What is your view on the New York music scene?

IVY - I feel like we are in a new age renaissance. It’s so dope how everyone is investing in their dreams and artistic abilities. I remember a time where music wasn’t practical.

LMCC - What NY artists are currently on your radar?

IVY - Honestly, all the artist on my radar I have a relationship with. Of course Neek Bucks, Snoopy Dinero, Sean_Doe, Anthony King etc etc. Actually you know who’s fire and super slept on Quan Rite, 40from40, Journey Gz. Also look out for Slime Porter, that boy is FIRE!!!!

LMCC - Who's your top 5 fav artists of all time?

IVY - Beyoncé, Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Sean_Doe.

LMCC - If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

IVY - Clarence Avant. I feel like I’m the modern day version of him, just watch how I boss up in this industry.

LMCC - If you had to choose between true love and your career being exactly where you wanted, what would you choose?

IVY - This is tricky, being that I’m in a public relationship. I guess I’m lucky, I have a love that pushes me to pursue my career. I don’t have to choose. I think everyone is capable of sustaining both.

LMCC - When can we expect the next season of your podcast?

IVY - I am not sure, I miss recording though. Maybe top of 2020. Who knows. I don’t want to make any promises.

LMCC - What can we expect from you up and coming?

IVY - Well you will be seeing me promote the best new sparkling rosè on the market WIFEY, and other things.

LMCC - Where do you see yourself in 5years?

IVY - I see myself as a music executive at one of the hottest labels out, one of the most influential of our time and maybe producing some shows. I’ve always secretly wanted my own reality show. Most importantly, I’ll definitely be in a position to open the doors for the girls that come after me.