#PrettyBoss - Meet Jocelyn Rivera, CEO Of The Press Play Agency

Young Like An Intern But The Truth Is She Built This Sh*t. 24 year old Jocelyn Rivera, is the CEO and founder of The Press Play Agency. Who knew, what started as simply leading marketing campaigns and consulting for local New York Artists would ultimately evolve into a full blown brand, artist and event management firm. Jocelyn has constructed a firm that serves as the forefront of New York culture to bridge the gap between indie and industry. The Red Hook native initially started curating music showcases to highlight indie Hip Hop artist in Brooklyn. Quickly gaining the attention of big name brand partners like Ethika Clothing, Rap Fest, Sony Music and more. From there she began using her experience, knowledge and relationships to offer freelance marketing, A&R and branding services to both independent and major label artist. Jocelyn then went on to write for over 40 major Hip Hop media outlets, ultimately landing the position of Vice Editor In Chief at The Rap Fest, later to become the head of programming and program director at Hot 97's "New Mvmt", where she's managed over 25 journalist and content curators. Currently, Jocelyn is fully focused on expanding The Press Play Agency and partnering with top tier creatives, media outlets and record labels to curate and promote not only authentic but professional content.