The Road To The Trophy Life

Julissa "Trophy" Bartholomew is a rose that sprouted from New York City's concrete. Hailing from the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, with a family of Grenadian descent it's no surprise that Julissa grew up in a household foreign to Urban music. Being apart of something different, fueled her love for Hip Hop and R&B. Ultimately, making her more relentless than ever. Furthermore Julissa went on to earn a degree in Mass communications , yearning for a career that would allow her to use her love for the culture to it's best possible ability. Not long after she went on to launch, a website that would become a primary source for Hip Hop nationwide. This allowed Julissa to rub shoulders with some of the most connected people in the industry. Although at times facing hardships, Julissa networked her way to 300 Entertainment where she shadowed and learned from reputable executives like Selim Bouab, Ash Chetei and many more.

In 2019, Julissa took her knowledge and talents to Cinematic Music Group, working alongside Johnny Shipes and becoming a instrumental force at the company that continues to flourish. Since her arrival at CMG, Julissa has found herself grooming the new generation's talent like Luh Solider and BBG Baby Joe. Being a black woman in a male dominated industry, Julissa prides herself on making a graceful impact and leaving her footprints on people everywhere.

Being a New York native myself, it's amazing to watch Julissa's growth in the music industry. During the early release of my website, I remember being at events and people mentioning The Trophy Life. I soon became a follower of her and the brand. During Julissa's rise, she created an Instagram game entitled "Win Or Bin". This gave rising artist the opportunity to gain authentic feedback from Julissa's followers. Many media outlets now use this same method for engagement. I believe that Julissa will continue to start waves for the Culture and leave her mark on the music industry.